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Scope Health UK provides internships in the following fields

SCOPE New Medical Representative Training Experience
SCOPE Medical Conference Photography Experience


The field of ENDOSCOPY may seem daunting for the many representatives who decide to join this industry every year. A wide range of interpersonal and intercommunication skills are expected from the ideal medical representative. At Scope Health UK, we believe that honing personal skills, as well as acquiring basic knowledge on endoscopic procedures will birth a successful representative.

To achieve this goal, we provide an opportunity to attend our client meetings as delegates. These meetings will facilitate as a professional space to interact with potential clients and internees will also be given the chance to take part in lectures conducted on endoscopic procedures using various endoscopy accessories. These lectures include various visual communication media content on endoscopy as well as hands-on practical demonstrations on endoscopy accessory equipment.

The attendees of our meetings and lectures hail from all over the country, and even globally, thus giving you plenty of possibilities to meet doctors, endoscopy nurses, and other professionals from the related field.

For further information and application to this internship program, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

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Scope Health UK is bringing this exciting, one-day internship to students of photography as well as aspiring photographers. This opportunity is designed for students to be able to capture relevant photos as part of their assignments and field of study. This internship will offer the ideal place for photographers to practice Still Photography, Group Photoshoots, Speaker Profile Shots as well as filming in an organized and controlled environment that includes numerous hands-on practical sessions with medical accessories.

This internship will take place at the conference center in either Bristol or Manchester, and internees will be presented with the “SCOPE” of capturing lectures, audience reactions, and practical sessions in action. If your interest lays in product photography, conference, this internship will be an incredible way to boost your portfolio as students can practice medical instrument photography with a wide range of lenses.

Like any career in any field, establishing your name in the photography industry is challenging. The motto of Scope Health UK is to mold students to become the best version of themselves, and we believe this internship will bring you one more step closer to achieving your dreams!

For further information and application to this internship program, please do not hesitate to connect with us @ A letter of recommendation from your mentor/supervisor is required for consideration for this internship placement. There is a very limited number of spaces for this internship so apply well in advance.

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